Seabird Jewels | Removing and recycling marine debris to protect our environment and support the community.

Project Team:

Ashleigh Collis


$20 Boss

Social Purpose

Sustainable Cities & Communities

What is the problem you found?

How do I make people aware that marine debris is clogging our beaches and hurting the local wildlife on Christmas Island? 

How do I help to protect the precious marine environment while supporting our community?

How do I start a sustainable, low-cost and environmentally friendly business that supports the community?

Customer / Problem

Christmas Island is a unique and diverse tropical island located in the Indian Ocean. The ocean currents brings lots of rubbish from Indonesia and Asia, and dumps it onto our fragile beaches- endangering bird habitats, turtle nesting sites and the marine environment. Locals and visitors to Christmas Island see this rubbish everyday but are not sure what they can do to help clean it up.

What Is Your Solution?

Seabird Jewels, collects marine debris, including: sea glass, wire, rope, fishing line, drift wood, glass jars and bottles, from the beaches on Christmas Island and recycles the debris into unique gifts and jewellery using sea glass found on Christmas Island.

Customers who purchase these products gain an individually hand crafted, genuine piece of Christmas Island sea glass as well as helping to remove debris from our beaches.