3 T Recycling | Educating students on how to recycle waste to make the world a better place.

Project Team:

Adel Mahmood , Malachi Newman , Xara Umer , Ariba Omar , Georgina Maw, Laura Houghton



Social Purpose

Climate Action

What is the problem you found?

How might we create a system and program that will get people to recycle? 

Customer / Problem

The most prevalent problem in Australian schools is waste, and principals who wish to reduce waste will more than likely encounter a situation where students do not follow the rules, or even if distinct containers are provided, students may still disobey the rules and throw recycling waste into trash bins.

What Is Your Solution?

By getting different bins for different waste, as well as placing the bins in an easily accessible location for recycling and compost, students will be less likely to put things in the wrong bin, whereas having only one recycling bin in a spot and no trash bin besides it will encourage students to put everything in the bin because they will believe there is nothing wrong with it.

Poster Prototype

Gamification Prototype

Survey Prototype

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Charles Sturt University Emerge Program Youth Incubator (YINC)



New South Wales