5 Seasons Produce and Cooking | Making healthy food more convenient and accessible to the community

Project Team:

Sianice Harding , Chloe Howden , Taya Bauer , Amelie Espinoza , Nellie Petrosjanova


New Idea

Social Purpose

Good Health & Wellbeing

What is the problem you found?

How might we improve the knowledge and availability of healthy food options in the community?

Customer / Problem

Laquisha, Female, 19 years old, single mother, 3-year-old child, McDonald’s employee (Low pay, Bad hours).


  • Has no knowledge of how to make healthy food
  • Has no time to make complex food for herself and her child
  • Does not have enough money to buy expensive organic produce


  • Now knows how to make easy, convenient food that is healthy - learned from cooking lessons
  • Can afford fresh local produce - cheap organic options in stalls

What Is Your Solution?

In order to solve our issue of not having enough healthy food options in the community, we have created a healthy and affordable farmers market. We determined that lots of people think healthy food is too expensive and lots of people in our community cannot afford that time and money. The farmers market comes with fresh produce stalls at affordable prices and cooking classes run by professionals, that teach people how to create quick, easy, and healthy meals.

Profits are made from selling affordable entry tickets to get into the market and the selling of produce from the stalls. A percentage of this profit goes towards charities supporting people living in poverty in our community, and jobs at the market are provided to some of these people in need.

Menu for cooking classes


Support Required

  • Local farmers provide fresh produce at affordable prices through the stalls.
  • Professional Cooks to run the cooking classes.

Funding to set up the market, make the stalls, and buy the appliances for the classes.

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