8 x 8 To educate | An annual art competition with 100% of profits to help educate children in Mozambique.

Project Team:

Kyron Halleday , Katura Halleday



Social Purpose

Quality Education

What is the problem you found?

In Mozambique many children are not able to afford to go to school.  Education is the key to lifting these communities out of poverty.  Providing quality education provides quality leaders for the community and for the future of the country.   The King of Kings school who we support provides an education for 2000 students and has been in operation for 20 years, but needs funds to continue, especially after a cyclone caused $200,000 damage in early 2019.There are so many intelligent, beautiful minds that just need a little help to reach their potential.  Knowing changes everything.

Customer / Problem

Many people in my community wanted to help but did not know how.  I needed to find a platform for that to occur.  Through my passion for art I saw a way to link the communities in Australia and those in Mozambique.  The idea of an art competition was born.

Art competition

Nelson, one of the Year 12 students with a scholarship. The painting shows a student continuing to work on the stump of a tree after the school was destroyed in a cyclone. He wanted to show that people are resilient and determined to continue to learn

What Is Your Solution?

I entitled my Art Competition 8x8 to Educate and after a year of hard work it is now a reality, we have sponsors, a venue, hanging systems, judges and entertainment. Now is the time that our art community can step up and enter. We would like to extend an invitation for anyone in our community, kids, artists or those picking up a brush or pencil for the first time to get involved.  We would like to invite our community to explore their creativity for the good of someone else, and to enable people who had not previously owned art the opportunity to purchase an original piece. 


Opening Night Party: 16th November 2019 6-8pm
The Dust Temple, 54 CURRUMBIN CREEK ROAD, Currumbin Queensland

Exhibition: Runs from 16th Nov – 22nd Nov

Entries Open: 1st April 2019 and Close 30 October 2019, enter online via our website.

Delivery: Artwork can be hand delivered between 30th Oct – 13th Nov to:
Councillor Glenn Tozer Office, 4 Swan Lane, Mudgeeraba QLD.
Or mailed at any time to:
8x8 To Educate, 9 Glenrowan Drive, Tallai, 4213 QLD

Sale: Artwork is for sale at $30 each from 16th Nov – 22nd November at the exhibition.  Artist do not receive anything back for works sold with 100% going to the project.

Entry fee: $15 for Adults and $5 for under 18 years

Winner: The Judge’s decision is final and will be announced 16th November at opening night.  (OVER $1000 IN PRIZES).

Unsold work: Can be collected from 4 Swan Lane, Mudgeeraba on the 23rd November from 9-12noon. Or you can donate your unsold work.

Pickup for Sold Work: 25th of November – Dust Temple between 6:30am-4.00pm or 26th of November between 10-2:30, or you can request for artwork to be mailed to you for a very small fee.

The funds raised by people following their own passions would enable children in Mozambique to be given an education and a future.


 Children putting on their uniforms in prep.

A local house

This is the home of one of our students, there is a family of 5 living here, no toilet or kitchen, cooking is done on a fire outside.

One of the local students I sponsor

Getting to know the girls I sponsor in Mozambique

Support Required


Funding to help to make this inaugural event an annual festival, with an online selling platform.  Budget required to make this happen is $5000. 


Website management and assistance with Blogs so that people can see the videos of what we do.

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