Creating connections through sport to combat mental illness

Student Project

Social Purpose:

Current Status:

New Idea

Project Team:

Peter Nafoi, Thomas R, William W, Mesha F

Problem Statement

How might we provide young athletes with the support services to alleviate the chances of depression?

Customer / Problem

Sporty students don’t have the chance to share their ideas, feelings, ups and downs or simply have a chat to like minded people.


There are high rates of depression and loneliness amongst our sports people.


45% of young people suffer from depression due to no access to support services.


We aim to create a digital platform in the form of a mobile app to help and support those who want to pursue their dreams in the career of sports. The app will give users a safe space to share their ideas, connect to likeminded people, access mentoring programs and most importantly have a community there to see them through their ups and downs.

a series of wireframe prototypes for the digital platform

The customers we are expecting to use our app are students and young adults who are passionate about sports. The secondary customers of our app will be the families of the users who are seeking support for family members dealing with depression.

a sports team on  a soccer field

We aim to generate funding through tailored advertising within the app, where sporting brands and local business can advertise online.

Our platform will be actively screened for negative key words and conversations. There will be tags so that people cant write negative comments. 

Ultimately, we aim to foster a strong community through the unity and mateship found in sport in order to combat adolescent depression rates.

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Chifley College Dunheved Campus



New South Wales


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