A.D helper | Helping make businesses to be accessible to all

Project Team:

John , Maysa , Nino , Safiya


New Idea

Social Purpose

Reduced Inequality

What is the problem you found?

How might we increase the number of qualified businesses that support people with a disability?

Customer / Problem

Our customers are those living with disabilities and businesses who want a better public image and more people to engage with their business. 

Problems for those with disabilities: 

  • Not being able to find qualified businesses
  • Struggling to find safe spaces to have a good time
  • Not enough qualified places around their area

What Is Your Solution?

A.D finder simplifies the process of finding qualified business that support those with a disability. We created a design of what our app may look like and it will be quite similar to the draft below.

A.D Finder

A.D Finder

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