All in One | Making remote learning exciting for students.


New Idea

Social Purpose

Quality Education

What is the problem you found?

How might we make learning from anywhere exciting and achievable for young learners?

Customer / Problem

Our customer is a high school student who has had to work from home due to coronavirus restrictions. The last few months have been particularly difficult for students who were not accustomed to online and self-directed learning. There hasn't been a way to meet their personal learning needs, motivate them or help them organise their work.

What Is Your Solution?

All in One is an app that aims to help students in their learning. 

Our goal is to help students have an easy to access to a place where they can find whatever they may need for school, be it upcoming work, overdue work, what classes they need to attend, or even videos explaining a topic which they are struggling to understand. All of it is in one easy-to-find place.

All in One also understands that sometimes, learning from books can be hard, which is why we have created a fun and interactive games for the students to play on their learning journey.  These activities range from fun math games to enjoyable outdoor activities. 

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