Ballads in the Bathtub

Improving and supporting youth mental wellbeing.

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New Idea

Problem Statement

How can we provide support for students with poor mental health?

Customer / Problem

There has been a steady increase in poor mental health for teenagers, but only one fifth of young people will get the help they need. 

Ballads in the Bathtub - Problem stats


We aim to give young people a safe place to go if they are feeling stressed or upset in the form of a mobile app and online community. The app's features would include

  • a mood-monitoring feature 
  • access to relaxing music and white noise
  • mindfulness games 
  • an anonymous messaging system, allowing young people to connect with each other or speak to a counsellor in a less intimidating context 

Our goal is to improve the mental health of the younger generation by helping them to feel safe and supported, taking an important step towards reducing youth suicide rates. 

A sample prototype of the app's design

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