Banksia Bears

To encourage more people to use environmentally friendly transport

Student Project

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Project Team:

Delaynie Craig, Aidan Styman, Abigail Nelson, Matthew Hubbard, Cameron Pope


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Problem Statement

People tend to use their own cars rather than public transport because they live too far away from bus stops, the schedules are inconvenient, there are too many changes along the route, and the public transport generally isn't clean.

Customer / Problem

Our customers are school students, elderly, and the disabled. People in this age group need transport that is clean, safe and easily accessible. However, most transport options are loud, unaccessible, have limited seating, and have many other issues. 

We interviewed 308 people and found that 68% of people would be interested in using an electric bus if it would reduce CO2 levels and 71% of people wouldn't mind a slight increase in the public transport fare if it was for an environmentally friendly option. 


Our solution is a customisable electric shuttle bus service that can be controlled via a mobile app, website or by calling a phone number. It is designed to be environmentally friendly.

Prototype drawing


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Banksia Park September 2020



South Australia


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