A photo of the prototype of Barry the Vending Fridge, with its features and benefits.

Barry the Vending Fridge | We believe food wastage is a significant issue in Australia. We want to find creative ways to help Australia reduce how much food they throw away.

Project Team:

Mitchell , Vanessa


New Idea

Social Purpose

Zero Hunger

What is the problem you found?

How can we help Australians consume food in their homes before buying more and reduce food wastage?

Customer / Problem

There is too much food wastage in our homes. Many Australians experience the problem of opening food and not consuming it, or not using old ingredients or food items before buying new ones.

What Is Your Solution?

Barry the Vending Fridge is a refrigerator that operates as a vending machine, so it provides people with food when they need it so reduces spoilage.

Support Required


Feedback on our idea and business model is welcome.

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Muswellbrook High School