Beautiful Bodies

Creating a new meaning of 'beautiful'.

Student Project

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New Idea

Project Team:

Maia Havens , Anabelle Nheu-Ingles , Shellbea Day

Problem Statement

How might we make body image and modelling more positive for changing teenage girls?

Customer / Problem

Our customers are teenage girls. 

  • About 65% of the teenage girls who took our survey felt they were underrepresented in the fashion industry
  • 50% said they didn’t look like a model, which is untrue!
  • 80% wanted to see more body types represented in mainstream modelling
  • 90% wanted to see more realistic models with stretch marks, acne, etc.
  • More than 50% said they didn’t feel comfortable in their body. 


Beautiful Bodies is a modelling agency that is for people of all ages and stages, with all types of natural body types and skin appearances such as acne, stretch marks and more. The fashion lines and products that are showcased are made to fit and portray the best images of the models without hiding the shape or look of any part of their natural bodies. Unlike other modelling agencies, our brand markets diverse looks and shapes without insincere marketing ads or portraits. 50 per cent of profits made will go into body image educational programs for teen girls.

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Academy for Enterprising Girls - Marrara Christian College



Northern Territory


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