BIN COIN | Protecting the environment and keeping our city clean

Project Team:

Sal , Lozza , Emily & Samarz , Ivy , Bananna


New Idea

Social Purpose

Sustainable Cities & Communities


What is the problem you found?

How might we encourage the people of Strathfield to put their litter in the bin and keep Strathfield clean?

Customer / Problem

People of Strathfield don't see keeping the area clean by putting their rubbish in the bin as a priority. When people see rubbish left on the streets and others' littering, this only decreases their motivation to keep the streets clean because of the lack of positive role models and a lacking culture of pride in the area. 

What Is Your Solution?

BIN COIN is a coupon scanning system you pair with your phone when you go to put your rubbish in the bin. Using a QR code, you register a photo of the rubbish you are putting in the bin to earn Bin Coins. Collect bin coins to collect virtual gifts These will later provide you with gifts when you have collected enough.

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