Bio-tank | Reducing water wastage in all Australian households

Project Team:

Maria Frankovic , Georgia Finlay , Annalise Madaschi , Matisse Cawston


New Idea

Social Purpose

Clean Water & Sanitation


What is the problem you found?

How might we encourage others to reduce water waste?


Customer / Problem

We are concerned with the large/excessive amount of fresh drinking water that is constantly being used in toilets for flushing waste. This is contributing to the waste of clean water which people in need are desperate for. 

What Is Your Solution?

Our solution to this issue is a water tank which transforms the greywater from a shower or bath from its bacterial state into a cleaner state for toilet use. This reduces the amount of clean water being wasted. This tank will be compulsory for all new houses, as it will be under the house. For previously built houses, this tank will be placed on the side.

Support Required

  • Which companies can we rely on from support?
  • Which partnerships can we form to get our product out there and successful? - connections to particular industries
  • Who can we collaborate with? - Sydney water
  • How much will development cost?
  • What is our expected revenue?
  • How much profit will we make?
  • How much will our product cost?
  • Who will our investors be?
  • What will work with this specific tank?
  • What is the physics side of things?
  • How will this idea become a reality?
  • How will we launch this?
  • How will we develop this?
  • What products will we use for development?
  • What scientifical engineering will we need?
  • What materials are necessary?

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AEG Wollongong Aug 2020