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Bridging the gap between entrepreneurial and educational spaces

Teacher Project

Social Purpose:

Current Status:

New Idea

Problem Statement

How might we authentically connect schools and businesses to benefit both?

Customer / Problem

The key demographics we are looking at in relation to our social enterprise are:

  • Startup owners looking for a convenient, secure and reliable working space
  • Teachers looking for a break in routine and better staff resources
  • Schools looking to connect with emerging business with a focus on staff wellbeing


We aim to revolutionise the way schools approach staff breakout spaces by creating a "WeWork" style initiative within schools. In the place of a traditional staffroom area, schools would be able to create a modern and dynamic space that would house recreational areas for staff while at the same time providing local startup owners with a working environment. In this space, educators and entrepreneurs alike could come together to collaborate and co-work in an environment designed to provoke creativity while at the same time serving as a pause from the gruelling monotony of everyday life. Our program would also have an added benefit for the students of the schools where these initiatives were introduced, as young people would have access to real world role models of innovation in unique industries, opening up mentoring opportunities across disciplines and ultimately improving learning as we know it.

a series of mockup quotes from a sample program

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