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Buffer | Improving relations between different demographics within a safe cyberspace


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What is the problem you found?

How might we make sure student voices are considered in the school's decision making process?

Customer / Problem

Students at our school are underrepresented when it comes to important decisions being made on behalf of the school community, which leads to an overall sense of dissatisfaction with some of the core elements of our school. However, it is difficult to find an appropriate forum where students can appropriately voice their ideas, as cyberspaces can be particularly dangerous for young people.

What Is Your Solution?

We aim to introduce an algorithm that can be applied to any digital platform which will protect users against harmful online activity. The algorithm will work by allowing a dedicated mediator to enter key words or phrases that will be banned by the software, which will allow the computer to grow smarter in regards to what content will be allowed and what content will be blocked. This is the power of Buffer. Our aim is to cultivate youth friendly cyberspaces so that the students of our school can have the chance to anonymously contribute their voices to the school board without the threat of bullying.

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