Build-A-Biz | Helping small businesses find their feet.

Project Team:

Bohdi , Milla , Harry , Lara


New Idea

Social Purpose

Decent Work & Economic Growth

What is the problem you found?

How might we make use of the increasing number of vacant buildings in Mt Gambier and create more opportunities?


Customer / Problem

Business starters can’t find the right space for their new business. It can be very expensive to buy or rent even when they do find the right space. If their business fails through not making enough money, it will lead to shutting down.

What Is Your Solution?

Our solution is an app allows you to see and find a variant amount of buildings and spaces in their local areas. Once the customer finds their suitable space, they can describe their business. If accepted, interpreters can rent/buy the buildings. Emerging business can enter a competition to win 12 months free rent after opining a popup shop for a day. 

Real estate websites and agents are already existing alternatives; however, Build-A-Biz does all the work for you. It takes all your information and picks the best space for your business. It eliminates the struggle and hard work from the customers. Online websites do not offer this service.

Our social enterprise will boost the local economy, stimulate business opportunities and create tourism and more jobs. It would also be a great way for people who don’t have large amounts of money to start up a business.

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Mt Gambier High School (Telstra)