Bumble Bees | Helping young people to cope with stress.

Project Team:

Charlie , Tyleah , Caprice , Scarlett , Nakita



Social Purpose

Good Health & Wellbeing


What is the problem you found?

How might we create a community that helps young people deal with stress?

Customer / Problem

It is proven that 35.8% of students suffer from anxiety and on top of that only 36% of people in the world with anxiety get treatment for it!  We believe everyone deserves to feel happy and relaxed in themselves so we are here today to tell you about our idea... bumble bees!. We have created our business to help people feel confident in themselves and feel that they have the right to feel happy. For that purpose we have created our own products to help you with your personal experience. And remember us bees stick together!

Our customers are students, principals, teachers and parents. Students often get depressed, stressed and anxious due to the high expectations of parents and teachers and the demands of school. There's additional pressure on them when they don't do so well at school. It would be great if there were a way to calm them down during high-stress periods.

What Is Your Solution?

Bumble Bees is an app that delivers periodic and timely stress relief for young people. The app uses information provided by users to send funny jokes or their favourite memories right at the moment they need it.  

We have also created self care packages, honey pots, that are filled with things to help manage stress. The   honey pots are a monthly package that you can order for affordable prices! With honey pots you can have so many things to help you with anxiety and stress while having fun in the process.

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