Calm in Covid | Supporting Victorians through COVID-19 with a gamified app that strengthens their mental health.

Project Team:

Reyd , Talei , Lachlan , Jacinta , Ethan and Luke


New Idea

Social Purpose

Good Health & Wellbeing

What is the problem you found?

During this pandemic, people in our community are not feeling connected, they want to see people because they are missing them. Because of COVID-19 there has been an increase in mental health issues in Australia. Our school survey showed that students most missed “not being able to catch up with friends”.

Customer / Problem

Websites and research such as the Black Dog Institute show an increase in mental health issues. The Black Dog institute states that ”being placed in quarantine is an unpleasant experience and can have long-term negative psychological effects”.

The targeted audience are teenagers that live in Victoria who can’t see their friends or family.

Our school survey showed that people would use our app. Approximately 47% of students who were surveyed used video call or phone call during the first lock down.

Research - Calm in COVID


What Is Your Solution?

screenshot - Calm in COVID

Calm in COVID is an app that allows people to communicate with their friends and family. This app also allows people to write about their feelings and not just interact through a call but connect through games.

The app includes features such as games, video calling, journalling and being able to rate your day. Prompter questions then enable you to get support and to reflect on your thoughts/ feelings based on how you're feeling.

By using Calm in COVID our users don't just communicate with friends and family. They also play games and journal to capture their feelings and emotions, and reflect on their mental health. This helps them to build their communication with each other and feel happier.


Support Required


Advice from our potential users about which features to prioritise. Which features would you most like to use and why?

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