Car Extendos | Reducing the number of cars on the road

Project Team:

Jared Considine , Jonas Hanahm , Kenny Trans


New Idea

Social Purpose

Climate Action

What is the problem you found?

How might we cut down on high carbon emissions from vehicles and help improve carpooling?

Customer / Problem

Our customer; Kenny, needs to take multiple cars to school basically doubling his carbon emissions, Kenny wants to save the environment and money but getting him and his family to school or anywhere else in 1 trip or 1 car.

What Is Your Solution?

Our solution to Kenny's problem is our idea Car Extendos. our idea is a extension that you add to the back of your car granting 4 more seats to your car and giving you the opportunity to carry more people with less fuel and carbon emissions. It would act as a trailer connecting to the tow bar of the car, and all electronic appliances would be powered through solar panels.Image 1 of Car Extendo'sImage 2 Car Extendos

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Park Ridge State High School - Climate Action Design Challenge