Carp Cleanup Crew (CCC)

Reducing the impact of the excess of carp on water quality, irrigation and farming

Student Project

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New Idea

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Project Team:

Jamie, Eli, Jayden, Snehal

Problem Statement

How might we remove an excess amount of carp from Australian waters?

Customer / Problem

Our target customers include land owners near rivers affected by carp and high income agricultural workers and environmentalists.

Their problems include:

  • Loss of viable fishing space,
  • Loss of native species, 
  • Pollution of potential immigration waters

Our other target customer is the Australian Government. 

Their problems include: 

  • No existing product for removing carp
  • They cannot invest in a solution as it does not yet exist
  • They are unable to sell land or fish 
  • They cannot trade native fish to foreign countries without significant complexity


Infinitely Innovative presents the: Carp Cleanup Crew (CCC) 

Our fantastic solution is: a team of specialised workers who use innovative tools that are hand made to remove carp from Australian waters. It is the first of its kind. This will help to get rid of as much carp as possible from Australian waterways. This would decreases the problems like water pollution and the loss of native species that are linked with Carp.

Our solution provides all target customers to remove majority carp from their waters, while also providing:

  • Usable fishing land,
  • An available product which works,
  • Increased water quality,
  • Native species available, 
  • Increased land value,
  • A higher possibility of catching other fish species.

Support Required


We would like to get a government grant but there isn't currently any funding for this problem.

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Banksia Park September 2020



South Australia


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