C.A.T.S Clothing and Trading Shop | Reducing clothes waste

Project Team:

Claudia Hughes , Ryley Cochrane , Emily Batchelor , Ava Lindley, Ava Robb , Anouska Caroscio


New Idea

Social Purpose

Responsible Consumption & Production

What is the problem you found?

How might we encourage more people to recycle their clothes? Lots of clothing goes to waste and we want to find ways to help recycle clothing more and stop people from just throwing away their clothes.

Customer / Problem

Our customer is Regina who is a 30 year old female and she can't find places nearby to recycle her clothes or purchase recycled clothing.

She's also environmentally conscious and wants to find an easy way to purchase second hand clothing and is looking for buy and trade her clothes.


What Is Your Solution?

Our solution is to start a website that allows you to easily buy, sell or trade second-hand clothes.

CATS team presenting


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AEG Grange Primary School



South Australia