Cerebrum | Improving mental health through plants

Project Team:

Billie Guice , Hailie Brown , Jess Holt , Kiara Green



Social Purpose

Good Health & Wellbeing


What is the problem you found?

How might we destigmatise mental health among youth?

Customer / Problem

We’ve created cerebrum as a response to a major issue we’ve experienced within the youth of our generation and in our communities. The growing levels of stress due to exams and pressure that is placed on them by teachers, parents and themselves. Though our personal experience we have found that our stress levels and mental health were the largest factors stopping us from growing to our full potential. We needed to solve this issue.  

What Is Your Solution?

We believe that through the implementation of horticultural therapy in everyday life that we can provide people with a simple way to create habit and ritual through meditative therapy. Plants have an underutilised natural ability to reduce stress and many of the symptoms mental illness experienced by young adults. By combining these natural benefits with the therapeutic practices of gardening, Cerebrum can help bring a sense of normality and ritual back to people’s lives in a daily basis- you help the plant grow, and it does the same in return.

Cerebrum Team

Support Required


To help us improve our project and solidify our ideas we are looking for information or guidance from graphic designer and social media marketers.

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