Change for Women by Women | Educating boys in high school to reduce gender equality

Project Team:

Ruwindri Parndiganage , Karen Pannu , Tia Monga , Tharuki Randeniya


New Idea

Social Purpose

Gender Equality

What is the problem you found?

How might we educate boys throughout their high school education about gender equality?

Customer / Problem

There is gender inequality in society leaving women disadvantaged, which needs to change. 

Our customer are teachers and boys in high school wishing to educate and learn more about gender inequality in society towards women.

What Is Your Solution?

Developing an online education program which can be sold to high schools aimed at educating boys about inequalities women face in society.

The virtual reality platform will have various stages / scenarios of gender inequality faced by women, such as:

  • Stereotypes (Femininity vs Masculinity)
  • Managerial positions and the wage gap
  • Sexual harassment and consent


Image of women in kitchen

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