#Clean mask | Reducing the impact of Coronavirus on the environment.

Project Team:

Macey Adams , Annabelle Frake , Claire Schultz , Stella Dennis


New Idea

Social Purpose

Sustainable Cities & Communities

What is the problem you found?

How might we teach people to make their own reusable masks and dispose of them properly? 

Customer / Problem

People in our community who wear disposable masks. It is polluting our world. There are requirements for people to wear masks. In many situations, people either don't have a choice or chose to wear masks to protect themselves and their loved ones. Disposable masks cost a lot more money over time as customers need multiple amounts per week. They also cause a problem with disposing of them. Reusable masks cost more initially. Customers, therefore, hesitate to buy these on the go. It would be great if people know how to make their own reusable masks to reduce their carbon footprints during the pandemic.

What Is Your Solution?

#Clean mask is a growing movement of people in local communities inspired by our website to make their own reusable masks. Our educational platform also shows people the effect that masks have on our environment. We encourage individuals to follow our simple steps to dispose of masks and work with local councils to provide education on the estimated impact of masks on the environment. Customers to buy one-time access to our website and programs. The councils we work with contract us to educate the community on the potential impact of their actions on future generations. 

Support Required


Please help us with connections to web developers, councils and any potential stakeholders for this project. 


Kindly help us with any advice on how to improve on our idea.

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