Clean Schools | Student-led recycling service for schools

Project Team:

Bridget , Bernadette


New Idea

Social Purpose

Responsible Consumption & Production

What is the problem you found?

How might we reduce waste around the school?Bin

Customer / Problem

Our customers are schools that are experiencing problems with birds scattering rubbish, littering and high amounts of waste.Pear on the ground

What Is Your Solution?

A soft plastic and food waste recycling service. This service will recycle the food waste in compost. The bins will be bird proof so that the rubbish doesn’t get scattered everywhere. We hope to see that, using this service, schools will be able to stay cleaner.

How would it work?

We would provide the bins, and once a week we will take the bins and move the food waste to a compost heap and the soft plastics to a recycling centre. We recommend using one bin per colour house or year group and offering incentives to gain high participation rates. This will cost $40 a week. The service will only be provided during the school term. 

Pilot Program

We propose that customers try this for 4 weeks. This will give them the opportunity to see if this program works.

Piece of plastic

Support Required


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