Code Of Cloth: Straight-Forward Fashion | To design and create bespoke textile items, through a transparent construction process, using donated textile wastage.

Project Team:

Adriana Manno , Brianna Said , Teagan Pritchard , Charlie Roberts + Charli Lawerence , Kate Williams



Social Purpose

Responsible Consumption & Production

What is the problem you found?

How might we ensure that textiles products are able to be manufactured with transparency and therefore, ethically understood by consumers? How can we ensure that this knowledge is staying with customers, therefore, affecting not only from a business perspective how textiles are being wasted though from a customer perspective and they can solve this issue and work towards less waste themselves?


Customer / Problem

Customers are unaware of how their clothing products are being manufactured and produced (eg: how much unnecessary plastic is being used) as well as unaware of where their clothing items are going after their disposal. A lot of customers don't even understand what is meant by the term textile wastage. It's a matter of educating through social enterprising to get that point across at the same time for a win-win situation and having a business that doesn't work for money, rather for the benefit of people.


What Is Your Solution?

To influence customers to purchase re-purposed textile items that are transparent in their reconstruction. This purchasing will be through a boutique and donations collected through donation bins. The economic cycling of our business will work through donation bins and QR scanning for rewards, having those donations then transformed into new bespoken clothing and furthermore having them then purchased by the donatee or by other customers. Having a cycle like such not only educates people on wastage and influences both buyers and surrounding businesses to do the same, though also reduces textile waste altogether.


To influence customers to purchase re-purposed textile items that are transparent in their reconstruction.


To design and create bespoke textile items, through a transparent construction process using doated textile wastage.


Three-step process:

1. Donate

2. Re-use and Recreate

3. Sell in Store


Build an in-house, circle economy structure


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Support Required


We are looking for funding for app development


We are continuing to update prototypes and expanding what textiles outside of clothing items can be re-used and re-cycled. Initial donations will be needed for this and extended variations of clothing materials too. Eg: Satin/silkier materials, rougher/thicker materials, etc. 

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AEG Wollongong Aug 2020