ComBox | A compost system and fridge monitor system that helps families to reduce food waste in their households

Project Team:

Indi , Hannah , Summer , Clara , Tara


New Idea

Social Purpose

Responsible Consumption & Production

What is the problem you found?

How might we design a system that educates families and reminds them not to waste food?

Customer / Problem

Our customers are parents across Australia. The problems they are experiencing are that they do not know how to reduce the food waste in their home even if they want to know how to. 

What Is Your Solution?

1. Run a sustainable factory that produces compost kits and sends them out to families

2. Families invest in our ComBox which includes a compost bin and a fridge monitor called Chase

3. Families are educated and reminded about food waste on a daily basis 

4. Bin services arrive weekly to collect waste from Box and take it out to the factory

5. Waste is sorted through and processed within the factory

6. Compost is separated and sent out to farming businesses to gain profit and help other businesses be sustainable 


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