Comfy Customs

To make students feel comfortable in their uniform of choice

Student Project

Social Purpose:

Current Status:

New Idea

Support Required:

Project Team:

Savannah, Samantha, Abbey, Katie , Rachel

Problem Statement

The uniforms in schools are uncomfortable and lack in variety. They are do not allow for religious and cultural differences or wider gender identity. 

Customer / Problem

Students in Wanneroo Secondary College are unhappy with the uncomfortable and outdated uniforms. They will be the beneficiary of our solution though our customers will be parents as they will have to pay for the uniforms.


Students are able to create their own uniforms as long as it is appropriate and it has the school logo. We will balance the needs of the school to have students in uniforms, by creating a website that allows students to choose their own style and fabrics as long as the uniform stays within the school colours, displays the school logo and is within guidelines for appropriate and safe school wear. 

Support Required


We need enough money to do some piloting so we can experiment with this idea and give a few students altered uniforms and see if there's positive results.

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Wanneroo Secondary College



Western Australia


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