Community Crisis Support | To assist members in our community in times of crisis, by providing them with reliable information and advice.

Project Team:

Frances Taboada , Hannah Smeulders , Leannah Corliss , Arianna Atienza , Anna Johnson


New Idea

Social Purpose

Partnerships To Achieve The Goals

What is the problem you found?

Our communities need access to reliable information and resources during emergency situations because these invaluable assets help ensure the safety of our population.

Customer / Problem

Communities across Australia need a way to access reliable information and find essential items in supermarkets. This is because communities are  struggling to obtain essential items and reliable information during emergencies such as pandemics, bushfires, floods and cyclones.

What Is Your Solution?

This app will solve the problem of having minimal information regarding pandemics, as all new and necessary information will be uploaded to this app, enabling people to be informed and feel safe. This app is a convenient way to share information through communities as it features a community forum, enabling people to discuss the issue and how they are coping. The app also features an essential item finder, which enables users to search availability for essential items such as toilet paper, pasta, hand sanitiser and more, meaning that they don’t have to travel to multiple stores to find these essential items, reducing the risk of community spread of the virus.


Support Required


We would like to form connections with those who could partner with us to help expand our business' ability to find new customers and other partners.


We are looking for funding to support the development of our app, for advertising as well as for ongoing maintenance and support for the app.


We require advice from more experienced business owners to assist and guide us as first time entrepreneurs. This advice will prove to be invaluable in turning a pitch into a start-up and a start-up into a business. We need advisors that understand the business and know how to succeed, if we wish to turn this dream into a reality.

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