Project Team:

Evangeline Martin , Ava , Kiran , Gabby , Arohi


New Idea

Social Purpose

Sustainable Cities & Communities

What is the problem you found?

How might we reduce water wastage in the domestic environment?

Customer / Problem

Our customers are families in cities and regional areas. A lot of families waste water every day while other families in regional and remote areas suffer severe water shortage due to drought. It would be great if families with a lot of water know about saving water to enable good supply to those who need it most.

What Is Your Solution? uses technology to help you manage water usage in your home. A small device is fitted on the tap/showerhead to measure water usage. The device connects to an app to track the family's goals to enable meaningful conversation about water conservation in the home. An added incentive is that the app provides easy access display on how the family is tracking compared to other families, on a global community leaderboard.

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