How might we encourage people to have fun without alcohol? Replace alcohol with a non-alcoholic drinks?

Student Project

Social Purpose:

Current Status:

New Idea

Project Team:

Vanessa Kong, Claudine Faith Cainghog, Evelyn Rionata, Ramin Shahu, Patrick Woodcock

Problem Statement

Alcohol drinking is associated with fun and a social activity, and if you are not interested in alcohol often you can feel socially excluded. The effects of overconsumption of alcohol are bad for the body.

Customer / Problem

People enjoy alcohol and there are not enough alternatives to alcohol. They can be ignorant to the effects of alcohol. Alcohol can be seen as a de-stressor, when there are other mechanisms to destress that are less toxic to the body.

To create a new non-alcoholic drink that replaces the need for alcohol but still allows a person to feel socially included.


A non-alcoholic drink that is made with wheat products, that can be consumed by young people and mean they feel included in their social circles. The profits are used to create and distribute products to students, that advertise the benefits of not consuming alcohol.

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