COVID FOODWEB | Allow people to safely access stores to ensure everyone can access essential supplies.

Project Team:

Kiara , William , Harleigh , Pelin


New Idea

Social Purpose

Good Health & Wellbeing

What is the problem you found?

How might we help health-challenged people to easily access essentials?

Customer / Problem

During this time of COVID-19, health-challenged people are not able to access groceries easily. They are afraid of overcrowding in stores. They are also worried about wasting time trying to find what they need, and with shortages in supermarkets, not being able to find it. The issue too, is that people during this time aren't able to easily eat healthily if they can't find what they need in supermarkets and stores.

What Is Your Solution?

COVID Foodweb is an app that allows the user to view how many people are in a store at a current point and the products available for purchase. This will help individuals choose which shop to go to and keep them safe, particularly if they are immune-challenged and need to visit at a less busy time.

COVID Foodweb uses the geographic functionality of Google Maps to enable users to see supermarkets and food stores in your local area.

Our app automatically remembers a user's email address and password. The app uses icons like fruits and vegetables to visually show how busy a store would be, in a quick, fun and easy way.

Once users determine what stores they will prioritise visiting, they would receive useful information about those stores. Stores have been categorised in ways that assist the users (e.g. groceries, retail, cafes, restaurants).

The app's unique point of difference is its ability to provide recipes, discounts, tips for cleaning, household budget management and its ability to use this information to link the user to local stores that might benefit from a user's patronage. Tailored user collections, both for users and businesses, are also a useful feature!

Some sample screenshots are below:

Homepage - COVID Foodweb

Categories page - COVID Foodweb

Discount page - COVID Foodweb

Recipe page - COVID Foodweb

Support Required


Some advice about how potential customers would use COVID Foodweb would be great. We have lots of features that we like, so feedback about which ones to prioritise would be useful!

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