Culture Fest | Stoping racism in our community.

Project Team:

Yasmine , Tess , Lara , Cordelia , Sienna


New Idea

Social Purpose

Reduced Inequality

What is the problem you found?

How might we promote intercultural understanding in our community?

Customer / Problem

Our customers are the general community of Alstonville. Sometimes people look at others from different cultures in a bad way. This is because people don't understand how and why different cultures are the way they are. To help with this, there needs to be a way for people from different backgrounds to interact and share cultural experiences together.

What Is Your Solution?

Culture Fest is an intercultural food experience. People from different cultures in the community take turns to share their food and explain where it has come from and how it is eaten in their culture. Families that attend the event are encouraged to be accompanied by families from the host culture and share a meal. This interaction will help to break the misunderstanding of the other culture and promote harmony. There's a token fee for entering the venue that will go to improving the program and building more communal spaces in the town. 

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