Culture Time | Creating greater awareness and education about Aboriginal culture and history in Australia

Project Team:

Teyana La Brooy , Chelsea Olguin , Rylarni Du Ross , Marziyah Patanwala


New Idea

Social Purpose

Quality Education

What is the problem you found?

How might we create awareness and educate people on Aboriginal history and culture?

Customer / Problem

The problem we have identified is that people discriminate the aboriginal community and don't acknowledge who first stood on this land.

The Aboriginals have a long history that many do not know about and as a result they are not being treated correctly.  

Our customers are those living in Australia as well as international tourists who might visit the centre to learn more about the history of Australia and part Aboriginals played in our history and future here in Australia.

What Is Your Solution?

We hope by creating a centre and holding an annual festival to educate and raise awareness of Aboriginal Culture and history.

The annual festival will include stalls where we will invite Aboriginals to sell their cultural food, art/paintings as well as the opportunity to share stories and the history of the different Aboriginal tribes. 

The Centre will employ local Aboriginal people who will run tours and and share different experiences so people can learn about the Aboriginal culture. In our centre there will be also be aboriginal art, information on Aboriginal history and examples of their presence on our land, for example old spears, cooking equipment and other historical items.

We hope by creating the centre and festival to:

  • Create greater knowledge about aboriginal people, their culture, history and their ancestors, as we living on their land and must respect the traditional owners.
  • Increase Aboriginal employment in the modern workplace
  • Increase awareness and revenue for Aboriginal art, brands and companies 


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