Dan Nav Art

Dan Nav Art | Creating deeper appreciation for art and social connection post lockdown

Project Team:

Dan Nav , Tom Holt , Ruby Tighe-Martin



Social Purpose

Good Health & Wellbeing

What is the problem you found?

How might we create deeper appreciation for art and social connection post lockdown?

Customer / Problem

Our customers are individuals and businesses that are wishing to make their personal and professional spaces more welcoming and inviting. Mental health is also a significant problem within the community, and art can serve a role in supporting people while boosting the aesthetic value of a room. 

Post COVID lockdowns, people are also missing the social connections and hobbies that they once enjoyed.

What Is Your Solution?

Dan Nav Art is an innovative contemporary art company that specialises in commissions for individuals and businesses, and runs monthly community masterclasses.

Art is proven to boost peoples' mood, release stress, and aesthetically makes a space more warm and inviting. By running masterclasses, Dan Nav Art seeks to create a community of art lovers in the Bayside region and foster social connection post lockdown. 

Dan Nav was founded by Dan Nav and developed further through the YCA x Rotary Club of Brighton Be Your Own Boss Program by Dan Nav, Ruby Tighe-Martin, and Tom Holt. The organisation was awarded second place at the Community Showcase event in November 2021.

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