De-Electrify | Helping people decrease their energy usage and reduce their impact on the environment

Project Team:

Leannah , Jaeda , Jessie


New Idea

Social Purpose

Affordable & Clean Energy

What is the problem you found?

How might we reduce the average Australian household's energy use?

Customer / Problem

We are focusing on young adults who would be environmentally conscious and also not know as much about energy bills. This could be young people who are new to renting and first home buyers. 

From our research and validation we found that: 

  • Australian households are consuming too much energy
  • People are unaware of the importance of energy efficiency 
  • People are unaware of their household appliances' Energy Rating

What Is Your Solution?

As a solution to these problems, an app called 'De-Electrify' was ideated. The app allows users to track how much energy their household uses, while also identifying what household appliance consumes the most energy. Additionally, the app enables users to see an estimated prediction of their monthly electricity bill and recommends ways to reduce the households' energy consumption. Located within the app is a blog section that includes information, such as the importance of Energy Efficiency. The app has a small monthly usage fee (of around $10) that will be donated to climate crisis charities.

This is our prototype:


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30 Sep 2020

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