Doctor on the Go

We believe everyone, particularly people in rural areas, should have access to the tailored medical care they need.

Student Project

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Current Status:

New Idea

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Project Team:

Levi, Sophie, Charlotte, Rachel, Taylor

Problem Statement

How can our solution reduce the numbers of patient admissions in hospitals, whilst giving people the right medical care they need? People need to be equipped with more reliable knowledge about different medical situations as they don't always have access to reliable information online. There are also limited doctors available in rural areas.

Customer / Problem

A slide presenting the problems customers face. The problems customers face are that they don't have access to reliable information online, rural doctors are not always available and medical care can be far away from where they live.


Doctor on the Go is an app that connects patients with doctors. When a patient has a medical problem, they connect to the app that can either give them a diagnosis through the app's information (that is medically verified), or connect them with a doctor. By entering their symptoms, the app recommends whether the customer needs to see a medical professional in person.

Support Required


We would welcome connections to local healthcare providers, who could help us to validate our social enterprise idea.


Development advice for the app, and any other feedback about our business idea is welcome.

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Muswellbrook High School



New South Wales


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