Drop bear | Reducing the amount of packaging in Australia

Project Team:

Lila , Hannah , Cherisa


New Idea

Social Purpose

Sustainable Cities & Communities

What is the problem you found?

Australia shipped 864 million parcels in 2018, imagine how much rubbish we could save.

Customer / Problem

Our customer is the companies that ship parcels out. They are spending heaps of money on packaging that is just going to be thrown out and end up in landfill. 

What Is Your Solution?

Drop Bear offers reusable packaging and service. Companies can buy our reusable packaging and products are shipped out as normal. Then the customer can drop their packaging off at their nearest drop off bin. Then Drop Bear collects all of the packaging and distributes it to companies, so they can reuse the packaging again to reduce the the amount of packaging going to landfill. Here is the DropBear process. You can also visit our Project Website by clicking on the link above below our names!

This is our process for how Dropbear would work.

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