Drought Busters | Solving the problem of low stock feed during drought

Project Team:

Isabelle , Georgia


New Idea

Social Purpose

Zero Hunger

What is the problem you found?

How might we increase stock feed in times of drought?

Customer / Problem

Our customers are farmers.

In a drought, there is no rain therefore it is too hot to grow stock feed.

Cows therefore get skinny and lose fat.

Farmers cannot sell them to the meatworks because they don't have enough meat on them.

What Is Your Solution?

We have invented a new way to grow stock feed with hardly any water involved.

We call this a Condensation Grass Catcher.

If you put a little water into the tank and leave it for more than a week it will vapourise and more water will fall. There is a hose next to the tank which you plug in and the water will flow down underground and up into the grass shed and into the sprinklers. This will then water the stock feed seeds making feed that can be then used or is ready to sell at the market.

Girls pitching while showing the prototype of their solution as described below. It is hand-drawn


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