Dyiramal | How might we improve the conditions of our current facilities to help make people more proud of the community?

Project Team:

Tamzin Bell , Morgan Evans , Alyssa Denny , Amarlee Price


New Idea

Social Purpose

Decent Work & Economic Growth

What is the problem you found?

The problem is that there is way to much disrespect for the facilities in the communities of Finley, Blighty, Berrigan, Tocomwal, and Jerilderie. There is too much graffiti and rubbish which exist in these communities. Many of the facilities and infrastructure are broken, old and tired. 

Customer / Problem

The local people don't feel connected or a part of the community. There is nothing to be proud about in our communities. So we have come up with a way to get locals involved in creating a place where they can be proud of and show off to others like tourists and locals from nearby towns.

What Is Your Solution?

So we have created a social enterprise called, Dyiramal, which means "proud" in our local Wiradjuri language.


It is a local pop up store thats sells locally made products at local and regional events like sporting games on the weekend or in a vacant retail space in town. Local products include; Finley Jam, The Shop Box, Berrigan Berries, Tocumwal towels and many more items.


The store will be run by local students and locals will be engaged to create local products. Proceeds go back to the local producers and Dyiramal staff to cover costs and a percentage will go back the community for the refurbishment of facilities.

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