Eco Animals | Raise people's awareness of the negative impact they are having on the environment

Project Team:

Charlotte Ransley , Shayla Fogarty , Zali Lockeridge , Tyla Hurst , Sienna Doering


New Idea

Social Purpose

Sustainable Cities & Communities

What is the problem you found?


Customer / Problem

What Is Your Solution?

Support Required


Having connections with important members of the community is crucial for the success of Eco-Animals. We will have to reach out to people who can provide us with locations to run our workshops, materials to build the animals and places for us to promote our business.  


Eco-Animals will rely on funding for its launch. We can receive this from our school, businesses which choose to sponsor us, environmental organisations and fundraising events that we organise.


Our business will need advice from other enterprising women and entrepreneurs who have experience in developing new companies. This will help to minimise mistakes and allow us to reach our full potential. 

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Wollongong Cluster and YINC