A bin overflowing with litter.

Eco Guardians | Creating a more environmentally friendly school.

Project Team:

Jada , Zoe , Rose , Alyssa , Chloe


New Idea

Social Purpose

Sustainable Cities & Communities

What is the problem you found?

How might we reduce plastic litter at school?

Customer / Problem

Our school is the focus of our program. Littering is a big problem as there are not enough bins around the school. This would not be a problem if students and teachers were committed to using available resources effectively to reduce litter and our environmental impact. Most students and staff consistently have lunch or coffee in disposable plastic containers. 

What Is Your Solution?

Eco Guardians is a school-wide program that inspires our school community to keep the environment in mind with every meal and every action of disposing of waste. The program uses real in-school examples to highlight the possibility of making different choices to better help the environment. The program will also partner with the councils and other organisations to ensure that appropriate wast management resources such as bins are available for the school. The success of our program will determine how and if we can expand the program into other schools and parts of the community. 

A design for an informative flyer about littering.

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