Eco Princesses

Combining Disney and the climate.

Student Project

Social Purpose:

Current Status:

New Idea

Project Team:

Mya, Lauren, Ella, Olivia

Problem Statement

How might we promote change and reduce plastic use? 

Customer / Problem

People can be complacent when it comes to climate change even though it is a very real problem. Many parents want to educate their children about climate change but may not know how to do so in a way to make them really listen and understand. 


Our solution is a social enterprise that creates dresses out of recycled materials that come with an accompanying book to raise awareness about waste and the importance of sustainability. Our aim is to educate kids about climate change in a kid-friendly way. Our idea is linked to what kids like and our dresses have a unique, personalised story.

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Heathfield High School AEG



South Australia


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