Ecoclean | Turning plastic waste into new reusable products.

Project Team:

Tessa O'Brien , Nicole Scholten , Hazel Anne , Sara Vesely , Sana Shankavaram


New Idea

Social Purpose

Sustainable Cities & Communities

What is the problem you found?

Our environment needs us to recycle plastic waste because plastic pollution is threatening to destroy our environment. Plastic affects our oceans and all of our animals, even causing the threat of extinction of some species. We need to limit this threat so that our planet and all its inhabitants can survive.

Customer / Problem

Our customers are those who care about the environment and want to do something positive to ensure the survival of the planet, our animals and the human race. They are people who have old plastic waste that they want to turn into something valuable. 

What Is Your Solution?

Our solution is a plastic recycling and repurposing program. We have designed a point system that counts every piece of plastic that a person has given to the program (based on its capacity after being melted). You can then redeem these points for an item from our Plastic Menu; a selection of items that will be made from the plastic that you've given.

For example, you had an old plastic slide that is sun damaged and broken, this may be worth 200 points. You may choose to redeem these points for 20 toy cars (worth 10 points each) for your school. 

On the user's side, this is incredible valuable as they can create products they need (toy cars) from the waste they have (plastic slide). On the business side, this is profitable because they take a commission from every transaction and reinvest that in to growing the business. 

You can check out our Plastic Menu here

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