Ecovia | Helping reduce the impact we have on the environment

Project Team:

Samantha Pardoen , Ebony Jetten


New Idea

Social Purpose

Sustainable Cities & Communities

What is the problem you found?

How might we make recycling easier and reduce landfill?

Customer / Problem

Our product is most likely to be implemented in education facilities, Government areas and larger open areas or businesses. Our customers may be experiencing large amounts of litter in their area or want a better, cleaner recycling system.

What Is Your Solution?

Our solution is to create a robotic, moving rubbish bin that uses sensors to detect changes in the environment, in our case litter. If the robot senses the environment change in the moment, the robot will chase after the litterer and take a picture of them. We could then install a vacuum and sensor to the lower portion of the bin to pick up the litter. This litter would go into a separate section than the organised top half of the bin (eg recyclables, glass, food, other). We were also thinking of using an uber-like app and GPS for customers to "summon" a bin to collect their rubbish. The app would include a bar scanner and search bar to find products and the bin would come to you based on the one you need, removing the grey area of recycling. We would hope to use solar energy to be as carbon efficient as possible.

Support Required


Being young teens we also don't have many connections and are unsure of where to go to first or who would be interested.


As previously mentioned, we are only young teens so money is an issue as we really can't self fund.


Any advice is appreciated as it is still a very new idea and we are not very experienced.


Our school mechanics and mechatronics advisor has told us that it would be possible to prototype in our school but it maybe easier somewhere else and with more resources.

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