Empowering Youth

Helping young people make virtuous life decisions

Student Project

Social Purpose:

Current Status:

New Idea

Project Team:

Mark, Josh, Everett, Karina, Amity

Problem Statement

Young people without support are not able to make critical life decisions and end up facing societal, behavioural and mental challenges as teenagers. We asked how might we provide an alternative program for young people to receive support?

Customer / Problem

Youth without support do not have the ability to build life skills and experiences.

We found that 7/10 of the students we be interested in this program. 

EY Problem


A program to help youth learn essential skills to better navigate life. Our program offers students the opportunity to learn: 

- Cooking skills
- Survival skills
- Self defence
- Team building activities
- Sporting games

We exist to provide support and leadership to guide youth through their adolescent journey.

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Logan City Council Catapult Program





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