Enviro-Brick | A way to reuse plastic in Australia and prevent it from being sent to China.

Project Team:

Holly , Taylah , Kimberly , Kayla , Emily


New Idea

Social Purpose

Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

What is the problem you found?

Australia's recycled goods are being sent to China for processing. 

Soft plastics are a big problem in society - lots of people dependent on it and plastics are a convenient and cheap option. 

How might we encourage households to recycle single use and soft plastics?

Customer / Problem

Our customers are anyone and everyone who uses soft plastics or single use plastics. Can include parents with young children who eat lots of snacks. People who can't afford other forms of packaging. Or people low on time and find it more convenient to buy plastic-packaged foods.

What Is Your Solution?

Enviro-Brick stations are where people can hand in their soft plastics and watch as it becomes compacted into bricks. After the brick is made, they can then choose what sort of infrastructure or projects they want their brick(s) to go towards to be constructed. (For example, a park bench, a public toilet, etc) 

This solution reuses plastic in Australia and will prevent it from being sent to China. 

To measure success we want an Enviro-Brick in every town or council, with bricks produced daily for community projects and infrastructure. 

Here is a slide deck we prepared.


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