E.O.T.T | Giving knowledge to others so they may successfully use and understand life's tools

Project Team:

Kelly , Hayley , Olivia , Angel , Leah


New Idea

Social Purpose

Quality Education

What is the problem you found?

Young people have little understanding of how the world works even after they finish school or college. 

How might we help young people get essential life knowledge and empower them?


Customer / Problem

Our target audience for this business is young people who struggle with knowing their rights and basic life skills. 

Examples of why we need to exist

What Is Your Solution?

We aim to deliver essential life skills through outdoor workshops/walks. The topics we hope to instruct on include:

  • The voting process, law process, and rights
  • Applying for jobs, policies, hours, positions including (casual-part time-full time explained), hours, salary, workers rights, TFN.
  • Money value changing explained, trade, tax and where it goes, centre link, how do banks actually work and what's the difference between them all, loans, pensions, superannuation
  • Schooling, university explained, tafe explained
  • Health care explained, and child care understood


We aim to deliver this through being outdoors in nature to feel more relaxed and less like a classroom. 

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