#EyesOpen | Improving economic and environmental justice in Australia.

Project Team:

Tavleen Kaur , Hafiza Zikriya , Melissa Milanzi , Ciya Joseph


New Idea

Social Purpose

Climate Action

What is the problem you found?

How might we educate and organise politically disengaged voters around the issues of climate change and economic justice?

Customer / Problem

Our customers are regular voters who are disinterested in the political process. We have found that a lot of these people doubt whether their voices can make a difference in how policies around the economy and environment are created. It would be great if there were a way to show them how much their voices matter in shaping these policies. 

What Is Your Solution?

#EyesOpen is a movement of young people that strives to educate regular voters on the issues of climate change and economic justice through culturally inclusive social seminars and events. Our programs are run by grassroots community activists with a passion for social justice who are trained to motivate and mobilise minority groups who may be disengaged in the political process to get educated and re-engage with shaping policies.

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