Feedback | Reducing fashion waste for a more eco-friendly industry.

Project Team:

Rayann , Aisha , Rama , Rukaya , Christine


New Idea

Social Purpose

Partnerships To Achieve The Goals


What is the problem you found?

How might we allow customers to give constructive criticism that gets through to manufacturers?

Customer / Problem

Our customers are manufacturers, retailers and fashion shoppers. There's a disconnect between what shoppers are looking for and what manufacturers create and produce. This creates a big waste problem that can be avoided if the interaction between shoppers and manufacturers is improved.

What Is Your Solution?

Feedback is a unique way that shoppers have access to and give feedback to manufacturers of their favourite brand. We use two channels to promote this; a website and an app. These allow shoppers to give feedback to manufacturers directly helping them to better understand the needs of their customers and reduce unnecessary waste.

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AEG Condell Park High School